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Water damage. It can happen any time of season, not just during storms. A strong wind bringing even stronger downpours and a tiny hole in your ceiling or window can lead to unthinkable devastation. Water that gets into your home can mix with dirt deep in your home and into your flooring, and end up soaking everything it comes into contact with. This may end up in structural deterioration such as ruined carpets, wood flooring, or tile, and even ruined electrical circuits. If you don’t act quickly, mold can form and ruin your house even more.


Without using a professional water restoration service and trying to fix it yourself you could risk causing additional problems to your home. An immediate inspection of your home or business by a reputable company is necessary to understand what must to be fixed and to give you a good estimate of the project to be done.


An expert restoration company will be able to take care of a multitude of water damage problems affecting foundation elements of your home and furniture, flooring, and electric systems. In some instances items can be dried, cleansed and decontaminated, whilst some will end up beyond repair and should be replaced.

Water Damage Repair in Lake Oswego, Oregon

If the damage done to your house needs an insurance claim, the provider you decide on hopefully will be able to cooperate with a claims adjuster to correctly identify everything that needs to be repaired in addition to the items that aren’t able to redone and have to be removed. As far as cost, as long as your policy covers the type of problem, you could plan to expect all of your repairs included and compensated for the items that can’t be fixed.

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